Pitching to Walmart- A Packaging Project

Foss Floors approached SPLASH to assist with their pitch for Walmart shelf space. SPLASH positioned the carpet products to reach the specific audiences that Walmart buyers were looking for. Branding, messaging and imagery were curated for each project.

package design flooring

Peel & Stick Carpet Kit

Audience: Middle aged mother looking for an affordable and high impact DIY project

Walmart Packaging Foss Floors

Peel & Stick Utility Mat

Audience: Homeowner with industrial strength carpet need

Walmart Packaging Foss Floors

6x8 Rug Belly Bands

The 6x8 rugs act as a series with each model focused on its own audience- activity rug, outdoor rug, and higher end residential rug.

Walmart Foss Floors

All images are placeholder and for presentation purposes only.

Tradeshow Videos - The 2018 GIE Expo

The Green Industry & Equipment Expo (GIE) is the industry’s largest gathering, bringing dealers, retailers, and enthusiasts together. SPLASH prepared clients DAYE, MoxOx, and Briggs & Stratton for the competitive and fast moving show with videos to draw in passersby.

1 minute video showcasing the features of each 40V tool in MowOx’s 40V Battery Line.

30 second video explaining Briggs & Stratton’s Just Check & Add Technology.

45 second video showcasing DAYE’s impressive manufacturing space, growth, and Zero-Turn Gas Lawn Mower.

Interested in the GIE Expo? Read related resource from SPLASH, GIE Expo: A Formula for Success

Website Launch - EdgeWater Powerboats

EdgeWater came to SPLASH for a website that increases online leads. The result was just that- a website with lead generation that surpasses industry standards. A large emphasis was made on connecting with the EdgeWater community through a new lifestyle page, email signups, social media feeds, and Insider Guide.

The modernized branding with one color logo, modern fonts, white background, and large images allow the product images to be the focal point.

Edgewater powerboat marine website

Dealerships are the lifeblood of the marine industry. SPLASH did something never done before and treated them to SEO gold- a custom landing page for each dealership.

The dealer can login and update their own information, share current inventory, AND consumers can send a contact request form straight from the EdgeWater website.

marine dealership landing page edgewater