Impactful advertising. Breathtaking visuals. Cost-effective approaches.

Welcome Palm Beach Motor Yachts and Grand Banks! We’re SPLASH. Surprisingly based just down the road, we’re a small agency with big capabilities. We work closely with companies seeking to stand out and increase their brand worth. With SPLASH you can expect a personal in-house marketing feel from a team that values and loyally represents your brand beyond expectation.

A few of our clients, past and present

A few of our clients, past and present


SPLASH provides traditional agency services and a whole lot more. We offer what you need to market the unique value of Palm Beach Motor Yachts and Grand Banks. Think of us as your in-house creative department and content provider. A lean, mean creative machine with the personal attention you deserve. Predictable costs, check. Full service, check. Full visual needs, checkmate.


Case Studies

Click through to see two examples of our integrated approach to marketing and content creation. DAYE, a globally recognized manufacturer wanted to create their own brands and establish a North American presence while working on a defined pre-IPO budget. EdgeWater, an established brand was in need of a refresh and consistency across all marketing fronts with the need to delegate many tasks. Both clients benefited from SPLASH’s all-inclusive services



Your award winning team


We’re not for everyone. We’re small because more people doesn’t mean better work, because fewer larger clients mean more meaningful conversations and solutions. Each week brings a conference call or in-person meeting with the client to present work, discuss future projects, and brainstorm on what can be done better. We work with clients who are delightful, excited, and determined. Below is a glimpse of the main faces for your dedicated team.

Robert  | Partner, Photographer/Director

Robert | Partner, Photographer/Director

Justin  | Videographer

Justin | Videographer

Louisa  | Copywriter

Louisa | Copywriter

Emily  | Partner, Art Director

Emily | Partner, Art Director

Michelle  | Graphic Designer

Michelle | Graphic Designer

Scott  | Videographer

Scott | Videographer

Suggested next steps for the Palm Beach Motor Yacht and Grand Banks brands


• Review* brands with the intent of confirming, refining, streamlining or creating the marketing message / persona

• Define strategic direction which honors the past and sets the future course in motion

• Create and reinforce consistent brand guides, rules and visuals

• Cultivate brand ambassadors

• Create and commit to campaign (print, digital, social, email/blog, photo/video)

• Develop the next generation of fans

• Target current prospects, legacy fans with direct marketing

• Set realistic budget for desired goals

* Review may include internal knowledge, interview, survey, data and research tools