Better Define Your Audience with This 10 Minute Exercise

The Exercise: Create a target audience persona based on insights and experience. Use the profile to gauge relevant content development and idea generation.

Spend 10 minutes creating a fictional persona- if your business had an average customer, what would they look like, where would they live, what would their favorite weekend activity be? If you don’t know where to begin, Google Analytics is a great place to start.

Example target audience persona for your brand:

Example target audience persona

Answers to include:


Favorite Brands












Household Income

Social Platforms

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Having a photo and a description of one person makes it easy to look at it and think: “would {insert audience name here} like this social media post, would they relate to the web copy I’m writing?”

It will feel a bit odd at first, but defining your audience will help focus your writing and brand efforts to your ideal target market.

Extra Step:

Look at your website. Compare it to your social channels, compare it to your print work, look at the colors and the tone of voice. All should follow suit. Ensure that Rick, that 30-year-old accountant, would find the information helpful, feel the topic is directed at him, and would resonate with the images.

Exercise Background:

At SPLASH, we use target audience personas on day one of brand development. Logos, colors, typefaces, the tone of images, and voice, all essential brand elements, are determined based on personas!