content gathering

What is content gathering and why should you care?

It's a phrase heard a lot the last couple years, and it's shaking up the way agencies tell your story. So how is content gathering different from a photoshoot?

Here's how we break it down:

A photoshoot has a shot-list or layouts and can include a large or small team of creatives (including: a photographer, sometimes video cameraman, art director, assistant, stylist, possible hair and makeup, models). Can occur on location or in studio with additional lighting and specialized gear. High volume of generated material and post.
Image use: Catalog, website, print, outdoor and digital advertisement.

A content gathering shoot has a looser list of images to gather and includes a smaller group of creatives (a photographer and sometimes an art director). More targeted and less expansive generated material.
Image use: Emails, social media


Examples of photoshoot vs. content gathering shoot:

Photoshoot   - Artificial light brought in - Model


- Artificial light brought in
- Model

Content gathering shoot   - No model (stand-in) - Location that was discovered vs. scouted

Content gathering shoot

- No model (stand-in)
- Location that was discovered vs. scouted

Photoshoot   - Camera crew - Model with wardrobe options


- Camera crew
- Model with wardrobe options

Content gathering shoot   - No model (stand-in)

Content gathering shoot

- No model (stand-in)

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How to Tell Your Business' Story with Images

Every business, every product, every service has a story to tell. It can be written in words but also told with images. The guide below is the secret sauce to creating and sourcing your image gallery.


A few initial questions to ask yourself:
- Who is your target audience? (You'll want to make sure lifestyle images include these people)
- What emotions do you want your business to be associated with?
- What setting/location is your product or service associated with?

4 Image Categories for Curation

Detail images

Detail images



Product images

Product images

Wide angle images

Wide angle images

Example Image Story: Bike Manufacturer 

The company represented in the grid created is a bike manufacturer. Their values and brand are based on spending exhilarating time outdoors with friends.

Company insight:
- The target audience is 10 to 25 years old
- Emotions related to the product include adrenalin and simple fun
- The product is primarily sold in the pacific northwest for both off road and in city


Combining the Images

Once the images are selected, the grid is laid out based on color, image type, and subject matter. Placing two very busy or red toned images beside each-other will create disinterest.

Notice the following in the grid above:
- Primarily green images are not placed next to each-other but separated with red or white.
- The target audience is featured both with and without the product
- Images that correspond with the ideals or love of the company are featured, though they are not directly related to the product - dogs (dog loving company culture), grass (the product is common found in grass and the culture is outdoor centric) 
- Only two true product shots are featured yet there is no doubt that the story revolves around bikes
- The overall feeling of the grid is outdoors, innocence, summer, fun with friends


Sharing the Story

Your curated images can be used as a social post schedule, gallery page on your website, or a general media library. The continuous use of your curated gallery will instill a brand tone and story. A majority of your audience may not see the images the first time you post it, and possibly not the second- so share away and don't be afraid to recycle.


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