3 Ways a Brand Manifesto Will Reenergize Your Business

A brand manifesto rallies. It connects your audience, inspires employees, and attracts talent - all in all it unites each sector of your business to believe in your company and act as an avid supporter of your lifestyle and brand.

Whole Foods created their brand manifesto in 2014 and ran a 60 second tv spot reading it aloud.

1. Connects brand and customer

The race for authentic advertising raises the need for an internal reflection on your brand and it's quest in the grand scheme of well, life. Customers urge brands to behave in an individual manner, of that resembling a trusted acquaintance whose lifestyles and beliefs align with their own. The 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer reports that 42% of the 33,000+ individuals surveyed don't know what brands they can trust. A brand manifesto solidifies your relationship, and guess what- brand loyalty follows. 


2. Inspires employees

Any business with an indirect distribution channel benefits greatly from a brand manifesto. Your man on the front lines- your dealer or sales people are the flesh to your brand. They, more than any internal employee, should bleed your brand's colors. Sharing your manifesto aligns you with the distributor and invites them to share in your drives. 

We covered the external benefits, but what if you have a factory of hard working individuals? What if you printed your brand manifesto stretched the length of the factory wall- strengthening your employees purpose and sense of belonging? A united narrative could push employees to strengthen your brand from the inside out.


3. Attracts talent

The culture of your company is based on the beliefs and values of your business (Sound familiar?). Your brand manifesto is essentially your company's organizational culture in words. There you have it, the brand manifesto. 250 words that can reenergize your business in all its facets.  


Ready to love your brand? Let’s create and apply a brand manifesto for your company.